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Callon Dietz Ontario Land Surveyors

Callon Dietz Ontario Land Surveyors


When office staff at Callon Dietz, an Ontario-based land surveyor, were spending too much time searching for plans and documents, President and Owner Terry Dietz spearheaded a move toward a software solution that would free his staff from the burden of these labour-intensive tasks.


We had a previous system in place, but it didn't integrate with our bookkeeping.

Our new Pimarc solution is fully integrated and really easy to use.


"We chose to implement Pimarc to eliminate the manual process of searching for and managing files," says Dietz.

In addition to using Pimarc for document management, staff at Callon Dietz now use Pimarc to manage billing, and all employees use the software to track their time.


Implementation of the Pimarc software involved scanning of the company's plans into the database. "Implementation went smoothly, as expected," says Dietz. "Training didn't take long, and the office staff are now quite proficient with the software."

The customizable nature of the Pimarc software contributes to this proficiency. "We've customized the billing and search components of the software to help our office staff work more efficiently," Dietz says, "and they're very happy using Pimarc."

On top of the office efficiency gains, by routinely scanning company plans, Callon Dietz also has a reliable electronic backup of their critical files.


"Pimarc helps us better manage client expectations," says Dietz. "With faster access to files, and the ability to record notes, we're routinely able to tell clients that plans were sent or project phases were completed on a specific date."

"Since implementing Pimarc, everyone in the company now has access to better billing detail, better ability to find internal information, and better overall tracking of each project's progress," Dietz says.

And he expects even more benefit as the company begins to use more of Pimarc software's project management features. "Right now, Pimarc is helping us manage internal information better. As we implement more of the project management functionality, I expect our efficiencies will improve even further."

Dietz considers Pimarc a worthwhile investment, and points out that other land surveyors looking for automation solutions will likely find Pimarc to be competitively priced. "Among the options we considered, Pimarc was clearly the most affordable solution," he says.

"Overall, I think our use of technology gives us a huge advantage over the competition, and Pimarc contributes to this competitive advantage."

"I think our use of technology gives us a huge advantage over the competition, and Pimarc contributes to this competitive advantage." - Terry Dietz, President, Callon Dietz Land Surveyors