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We want to thank you and your team, for helping Carolina Surveyors, into the leading edge of client satisfaction and organization for a surveying company. Our situation was not quite the normal being in U.S. However, the bottom line was, we needed a product and you provided it with excellence.

To Whom It May Concern:

Fundamentally the original 13 colonies in U.S. use "meets and bounds", and Canada some form of "public lands". This makes a big difference, but we worked through the barriers to understand how good we have it in North Carolina!

Seriously, when I first started looking into prospective software everything was either too industry neutral or not robust enough for our needs. The new generation of software is web based and Carolina Surveyors was not going to settle for less.

First take into consideration the dynamic platform Pimarc can run on, Internet Explorer. I can "log in" from anywhere there is an internet connection, and check a client's phone number, or check the schedule for the next day, or maybe write myself a reminder on a job. This is huge in comparison with other software that can only be accessed "in house". Plus, it's all real-time, meaning soon as your field crews come in at 5:00 and post time, you can instantly see the accumulated time thus far.

Pimarc also was great during the demo stages because, we did not have to upgrade a computer to check it out, and we didn't have to install software. It was a simple log in to PRL's server and away we went.

As a result of running scenarios through Pimarc, we ultimately determined our situation required a Southern flavor. This began the development process towards our dream application. First understanding our needs was critical. Questions like: "What has to change and what can I adapt to?" These were the basics. Things that have to change should be critically looked at by PRL, because this could affect more than you know. I would suggest giving them plenty of information up front as to your objectives and allow time for criticism and reflection. Hasty decisions end up costing time and money. Diagrams, flow charts, or screen shots might be helpful. I used AutoCAD some, because it's like second nature.

The current application is Pimarc, but fully customized to Carolina Surveyors. To this day we still have small changes to the system that add value. I like to think of Pimarc growing within our company as we face new customer demands and situations within the company.

PRL Info Systems has also allowed us to host and store everything about Pimarc. This may not be for the faint of heart, but if you have the knowledge and capability you can house all your data, and run Pimarc off your own server.

If you are looking for the next big step from your aging DOS based system or whatever, let me assure you this is it. You will not find a higher quality product from the inside - out, backed with the service and flexibility PRL Info Systems provides.

David Hunter
Residential Department Manager

And from everyone here at Carolina Surveyors, Inc.

Carolina Surveyors Inc