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Your custom designed Project Management System

Pimarc Project Management Systems offers a project management software that's custom designed to your land surveying, engineering, architecture or construction business needs plus features a Survey Record Index (SRI). Real-time data on every project helps you eliminate cost overruns, minimize delays and save time.

Bring in more business, at higher profits, with less effort.

Stop managing paper and start managing projects. Pimarc Project Management Systems let you plan, schedule and execute every project with greater efficiency - so you can bring more business in the door.

Built to Integrate. Easy to Use.

Pimarc integrates with your business and accounting systems without interruption. And the easy to use web-based interface means productivity gains will quickly begin to show - both in the office and on your bottom line.

Project Management Software and Expert Services

Pimarc project management software lets you plan, schedule and execute projects with greater efficiency, so you can bring more business in the door. Land surveyors, engineers, and architects also rely on us for a full range of project management services designed to improve project workflow and add capacity for growing your business - right now.

Set your business apart with the 110% Solution for project management.

Newest News

May 23, 2013

Pimarc has new Canadian users

May 23, 2013

Pimarc has new US users in the state of Washington

New Feature

May 23, 2013

Pimarc can group projects

There is now an option to group projects. A master job can be referenced so that if the project is worked on intermittently over a span months or years you can still relate the current job to the original.

Feature #46989

Eliminate cost overruns, minimize delays and save time

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