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Holstead & Redmond Ltd.
As the company where Pimarc was conceived, designed and tested, Holstead & Redmond Ltd. has continued to test and refine Pimarc based on their own experiences as a land survey company. Holstead & Redmond Ltd. remains Pimarc's 'live laboratory' and testing ground for all new software features and enhancements to Pimarc. This ensures that Pimarc continues to meet the real-world demands of companies working in architect, engineering and land surveying industries.

Holstead & Redmond Limited


Microsoft Partner
PRL Info Systems has a partnership with Microsoft which gives us pre-release access to Microsoft's newest products and software updates. This allows us to customize and update Pimarc before you even realize that it is necessary. Our experts are able to update Pimarc which guarantees that it will be compatible with any future Microsoft product. Since we are members of Microsoft's Partner Program, we are also able to assist customers with current software licensing or serve requirements. 

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