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Pimarc ROI

Return on Investment for Architects 

What type of ROI (Return on Investment) can an architect or architecture firm expect when they use Pimarc?
The reason why Pimarc offers such a high ROI is because of the increased efficiencies of most tasks that are associated with the daily project management that all architects experience. This includes managing document, monitoring projects and reporting on their performance. The increased efficiency will increase your office productivity by up to 20% (this is a common statistic we see with architects, engineers and land surveyors) and also increases your team's ability to take on more billable work, equating to higher revenues. 

Increases in Profitability
The Pimarc software helps architects increase their bottom line. In many cases, the efficiencies that are gained can literally free staff members from administrative duties altogether and allow them to focus their time and energy on billable and revenue-generating activities. 

Increases in Productivity
We'd like to share a real-world example of how the use of Pimarc resulted in a 20% gain in productivity for a land surveying company in Ontario. Pimarc helped the office staff at this Ontario-based land surveying company increase their efficiency to results in actual, measurable productivity improvements of 20% among the 25 users of the software. With each staff member making an average of $30,000, this equated to $6,000 in productivity gains for each person, resulting in a total of $150,000 in only one year. This means that $150,000 worth of salary was redirected to billable activities, rather than non-billable paper chasing and information-finding activities.

Surveys were conducted three months after Pimarc was implemented and they showed that all staff at the land surveying company had access to more accurate and timely information, were happier on the job and were able to manage and resolve client requests in less time. The happier employees resulted in natural improvements to customer service which allowed the company to notice an improvement in brand awarenss and reputation because of the number of happy customers spreading the world about the excellent service and fast response times. 

Increased Savings
Pimarc project management software can also save you $5,000 in software fees and licensing costs. Because Pimac includes accounting and CRM functionality, you'll be able to run your architecture business with the accounting package installation, for savings of approximately $5,000. Plus, since you will be able to view information from your accounting package, you don't need to be logged in as a licensed user, saving you money on licensing costs. 

Even More Productivity Improvements
The Pimarc Survey Record Index (Pimarc SRI) offers a hosted web site where architects can easily store project records, plans and field notes online. This will allow other companies to search for, and download, your records without requiring your staff to perform these mundane tasks. This saves the average architecture team anywhere from five to eight hours per week. This translates into annual savings of $4,250 - $6,850, not to mention letting your staff use this recouped time to focus on more profitable activities. 

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