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Pimarc Software Partner Information for Engineers

Pimarc's Software Partners allow us to continuously update our project management software so that it reflects the latest changes in technology and industry standards. 

Holstead & Redmond Ltd.
Holstead & Redmond is located in London, Ontario and is the land survey company where Pimarc was initially designed and refined before being release to the general public. Holstead & Redmond continues to be Pimarc's "live laborotory" and is where all new software features and enhancements are tested to ensure we continue to meet the real world needs of engineers and other industries.  

Holstead & Redmond Limited


Microsoft Partner
Because of our partnership with Microsoft, we always have pre-access release to the newest Microsoft software and updates. This allows us to update and modify Pimarc to ensure it always remains compatible with Microsoft product updates. This is something we guarantee. Because we're a member of Microsoft's Partner Program, we are also able to assist customers with any licensing or software issues that might arise. 

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