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Latest Pimarc Features & Developments

Pimarc can now group projects 5/23/2013

There is now an option to group projects. A master job can be referenced so that if the project is worked on intermittently over a span months or years you can still relate the current job to the original.

Land surveyor plan and fieldwork completed dates can now be recorded 5/23/2013

Pimarc now records when the plan work and fieldwork is completed in addition to when the work is due by.

Assessment number added to the project information 5/23/2013

Pimarc now has the capabilitiy to store the municipal address assessment number to comply with ODCC requirements

Note Search 6/14/2012

We have created a module for searching the notes stored in the PIMARC database. Time notes, project notes and client notes can be search by phrases, all words or some words. And you can select which note records to search, just one set or all of them.

Several Invoice Types Available 6/14/2012

PIMARC supports the creation of simple or itemized invoices depending client requirements. Simple invoices have a set number of editable fields that don't change to keep detail and amount entries limited. While itemized invoices can have virtually unlimited item entry records to produce very detailed invoices. The itemized invoice system also includes a template system so long invoices don't have to be created from scratch.

Time Entry to Invoice Association 6/14/2012

We have added a way of associating individual time records to a specific invoice. This allows for the creation of a report that shows a complete listing of the time and disbursements used to calculate the numbers used in the invoice.

Staff Pegboard 6/14/2012

The pegboard allows users to quickly see whether people are in or out of the office and, if they are out, what are they doing and when are they scheduled to be back. The boxes beside the name indicates if they are in or out. View More Details

User Messaging System 1/14/2010

This section is a basic messaging system that allows users to send notes to one another. It also allows users to receive notifications from PIMARC about events that have occured such as a new project has been created, locked, edited, etc. View More Details

Time Associated To Task 6/3/2009

This feature allows you to add time through each task and associated to it. View More Details

Assessment Data Entry & Editing 1/1/2005

We are using two tables of assessment roll data. One for within the London city limits and one for the surrounding area. The individual records have Roll Number, Owner, Municipal Address, Area, Site Type, Frontage, Depth, Street, Township, Concession information and more. We can import any assessment data, or custom data that you may have access to, into the database. View More Details

Codes Feature 1/1/2005

The codes feature contains numerous code lists that can be added to, edited or deleted at the user's discretion. View More Details

Comprehensive Search Features For Client Managerment 1/1/2005

The client search results can be as general or as specific as you want. And if you want to see the complete client list then click on the Client Codes button. View More Details

Comprehensive Search Features For Surveyor Projects 1/1/2005

The project search allows the user to search the database in a variety of ways for any projects that have been completed or are on going. There is a basic and an advanced search window depending on the type of user and search you normally perform. View More Details

Control Station Locate 1/1/2005

The control station information has room for a unique identifier, latitude and longitude, elevation, order, northing and easting, municipality and more. The user can also attach external files to the control station. An example of this would be the scanned image of the location sketch for that particular station. View More Details

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 1/1/2005

From the CLIENT/CRM window, PIMARC allows you to easily search for all the valuable information that you need about any customer. Manage your clients from this window to view all the details concerning general and private notes, projects, contacts and invoices for that client. View More Details

Invoice Creation System 1/1/2005

Pimarc allows you to create invoices from Pimarc and send then to your accounting software. View More Details

Legal Description Data Entry & Editing 1/1/2005

The Legal Description TAB allows for the adding, modification and deletion of plan records related to the specific project. This includes lot, concession, plan number, municipality information and more. This TAB also shows any attached digital copies of plans and the associated AOLS #'s, surveyors and type details which can be used for project searches View More Details

Multiple Reports 1/1/2005

Pimarc provides users access to numerous reports based on security level. The reports can be customized to suit your individual needs. We can also add any type of report you may want. View More Details

Office Employee Calendar 1/1/2005

The calendar displays the events, notifications, company news and the staff appointments. View More Details

Personal Rolodex 1/1/2005

Personal contact information. The list can be sorted by first name, last name, or company. The user can email directly from this screen. View More Details

Print Management 1/1/2005

The Printing page allows you to create labels for your hard copy filing system using the information that has been recorded in the individual project records. There is also a mailing label option in this window. View More Details

Surveyor Project Folder and Mailing Label Detail Printing 1/1/2005

Label printing allows you to select different positions on the label sheet according to which labels are available on the sheet. View More Details

Project Information Management 1/1/2005

There are a lot of features available to the user once you have found and selected the project you were looking for. The details of the project can be edited at any time simply by hitting the edit button at the bottom of the page. The user can select any tab to edit information in the project file. View More Details

Project Schedule Update 1/1/2005

Project schedule displays the monthly schedule and the individual working on the project. The color scheme displays information about the progress of the projects. View More Details

Project Schedule - Daily 1/1/2005

This option displays the daily schedule of all the assigned tasks with the completion priority. View More Details

Quotes Feature 1/1/2005

Build quotes from within the application. They can then be modified, tagged as accepted or declined. Full search features are also available here. Once the quote is accepted, the system automatically sends you to the new project window and the quote is also attached to this project. View More Details

Record Deletion Protection 1/1/2005

When records are tagged for deletion in PIMARC the information is retained but hidden from view. This gives you the option of restoring or deleting these tagged records. View More Details

Security & User Access 1/1/2005

The security for this application is done according to user names. Each user is assigned an access level and the features available are determined according to that access level. View More Details

Supplementary Plan Data Entry & Edit 1/1/2005

The Other Plans window is similar to the project window. This is more for legacy information that the company may have access to. This is the location for inputting other surveyor's notes that your company has in their possession. View More Details

Time Sheet Entry & Edit 1/1/2005

This is the actual timesheet window. The date can be entered or assigned by the system and then just input the hours, select the department, job code, staff, materials, expenses and notes to complete the entry. This feature is real time. The project can be completed, billed and paid today! View More Details

Time Sheet Search 1/1/2005

Time sheet search page allows you to search the job you are working on and add your time to the project. View More Details

To Do List 1/1/2005

To do list allows a user to keep a list of items to be done. This list can be edited at any time and the user can also click items as completed. It also keeps track of when the items have been added to the to do list. The assigned section displays the project you are assigned to and when the project is due. View More Details

UTM Search 1/1/2005

UTM search allows you to find a list of any control stations that the user has stored. View More Details