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Pimarc ROI

Return on Investment That Land Surveyors Can Expect with Pimarc

What kind of ROI can a land surveyor expect with Pimarc?

When you start to use Pimarc, you’ll notice the biggest return on investment comes directly from the increased efficiency of tasks associated with project management, document management and performance reports and monitoring. Gains of 20% or higher in increased office productivity are standard and this increases your team’s ability to perform additional billable work.
Increased Profitability
Increase your bottom line with Pimarc’s suite of software products. In some cases, efficiencies gained are substantial enough that staff members can eliminate their administrative duties entirely and be redeployed to focus on more billable or revenue-generating activities.
Real-World Example: 20% Productivity Gains for Ontario Land Surveyor
An Ontario-based land surveying company used Pimarc software to increase efficiency in their office which resulted in measurable productivity improvements of 20% between the 25 users of the software. At an average yearly salary of $30,000, this equated to a productivity gain of $6,000 per person. This totaled a staggering $150,000 in just 12 months! This $150,000 worth of salary was redirected to employee’s work on billable and revenue-generating activities as opposed to time spent on non-billable paper chasing and information finding activities.
Surveys were conducted on the above company three months later and found that all the staff were enjoying access to more accurate and timely information, were happier on the job and were able to respond to, and resolve, client requests in less time.
With the considerable improvements in customer service, the company has also noticed an improvement in brand awareness and reputation, with happier clients sharing their experiences with excellent service and quick response time from the land surveyors they worked with. 
Additional Savings - $5,000 in Software and Licensing Cost Savings
The Pimarc project management software includes accounting and CRM functionality which will let you operate with a minimum accounting package installation. This will save your company approximately $5,000 immediately. Pimarc will save you even more money on licensing fees by allowing you to view information from your accounting package without being logged in as a licensed user.
Further Productivity Gains with Pimarc SRI
Pimarc Survey Record Index also offers a hosted website where land surveyors and their staff can store their field notes, project records, plans and more online. This allows other companies to search for and download your records without ever needing a member of your staff to look for it and fax it over. This saves the average land surveying firm 5-8 hours per week, which will save approximately $4,250-$6,850 per year. Your staff will be able to use this saved time to focus on activities that will bring your business more billable hours.