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Name & Sort

Name & Sort Software

This version of Pimarc’s project management software is specially designed for file management. Our file management software makes it quick and easy for you to clean up your hard drive and makes organization a breeze.

Software Overview

The Name & Sort software helps you organize and sort your projects and the files associated with each one. You will be able to search for a file and find it quickly and easy whenever you need it. You are able to sort your search results by file extension or name and you’ll be able to log the file path location of every project file. Instead of logging the files themselves, you will be able to keep your database size to a minimum. 


Sort by Extension

  • Group specific files into a directory by their extension and place them into subdirectories based on a certain extension
  • Quickly organize files or directories and see which files can be deleted or moved

Sort by Name

  • Quickly find matching files based on the exact parameters entered
  • Easily create a number of project directories with matching files that are easily placed in the newly created project directories

Create a Log File

  • The software automatically creates a log file that has the newly created paths for all of the newly moved file
  • Attach log files to project records in the Pimarc software and keep your database size to a minimum