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Land Surveyor project management

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Pimarc Lite

Pimarc Lite Project Management Software

If you are a small business, Pimarc Lite gives you the project management features you need and is scalable to grow as your business grows.


Pimarc Lite is a project management software designed to reduce overhead costs and help you realize each project’s return on investment (ROI). Easy-to-use, this software puts the details and documents related to each project at your fingertips. You’ll be able to eliminate paper documents all together to help your team save time and work more efficiently. Pimarc Lite uses the same database architecture as Pimarc which means you’ll be able to seamlessly upgrade to Pimarc when you’re ready to expand.


Monitor every project with these features

  • Manage and view ALL documents relating to each project at-a-glance, including topographic plans, architectural drawings and more
  • Customizable functions and interface to suit your business needs and processes
  • Link to multiple databases
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality
  • Compatible with Windows
  • Add new users instantly
  • Intuitive search features
  • Reporting
  • Web-based for easy deployment and worry-free maintenance and upgrades

Minimum Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional
  • An Intel 800Mhz CPU or greater
  • 512 MB hardware memory
  • High performance disk system (10 GB min recommended)
  • Client PC: 64 MB RAM. Internet Explorer 5.5. Any Windows OS