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Name & Sort

Name & Sort Software for Architects

Pimarc's Name & Sort file management software makes the task of organizing and cleaning your hard drive a lot faster and easier.

Software Overview

Name & Sort lets you organize and sort each project and their related files for quick and easy access when you need them. You'll able to quickly find the file you're looking for by sorting the search results by file extension or name. You will also be able to log the file path of each project file, rather than making a copy of the file itself, enabling you to keep your database size as small as possible. This helps free up storage on your computer so that things can run even more smoothly. 

Name & Sort Features

Sort by Extension

  • Group all your project files into a directly via their extension and then organize them into subdirectories based on their extensions for intuitive management
  • Be able to quickly organize any directory to manage your files, deleting and moving them as needed

Sort by Name

  • Find the files you need based on the naming parameters entered 
  • Quickly and easily creates project directories with the matching file names placed in the newly created project directories

Create a Log File

  • Ability to make a new log file for the newly created paths for your newly moved files for easy access
  • Import log files into Pimarc and attach them to your project records so that you can keep your database size to a minimum