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Pimarc FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Pimarc
For Engineers


  1. What are the advantages of a web-based application for engineers?

    One of the biggest advantages of a web-based application is that the installation process is quick and non-disruptive to your staff. The installation only happens once and only happens on the dedicated server or desktop computer. There is never a need to install anything on any other computer in your office, ensuring your workflow is uninterrupted.  

    Typically, we can remotely log into your network and install the web-based application without needing to be in your office. We can also provide you with updates in the same manner so that you are always running the most current version of Pimarc without every needing to perform a manual software update on your computer workstations. 

  2. Is the Pimarc software considered to be a web-based application?

    Yes. Pimarc is a secure web-based application. Pimarc is installed on your server or desktop computer (which runs Windows XP Professional) which will also serve as your file storage machine. In order to access Pimarc, you will need to use Internet Explorer to log on. After this, any interaction with your files is performed using secure internal web pages. 

  3. Is it possible to build other applications around an existing database our eningeers use?

    Yes. Since Pimarc is a business application that was designed to deliver effective and streamlined project management, our proprietary architecture provides the foundation for developing completely new business applications very quickly and easily. Please Contact Us to discuss your specific needs or for more information on what you can expect when building other applications.

  4. Does Pimarc offer a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when compared to other similar applications?

    Yes. The four areas that allow Pimarc to have a low TCO are as follows: 

    • Low Hardware Costs - Users only require one desktop machine, with minimal requirements, to run Pimarc
    • Minimal Operating System Costs - For use, Pimarc requires only MS Windows XP Professional
    • Low Customization Fees - Pimarc is configurable for virtually any office requirements and can be efficiently and expertly modified by PRL Info Systems, the designers of the Pimarc software
    • Minimal Integration Costs - Pimarc is designed for maximum integration and compatibility with other enterprise applications that your engineering firm may already use
  5. What if my engineering business grows? 

    Pimarc is completely scalable and is designed to grow as you grow. We offer a special Pimarc Lite version of the Pimarc software for smaller businesses. PImarc Lite uses the same SQL engine and database as the full version of Pimarc software which allows you to seamlessly move to the full version of Pimarc as your needs expand and you find yourself needing more.

  6. What are the computer requirements needed to run Pimarc?

    A basic office system with 8GB of RAM. Any Browser should work to access data even on tablets. Any current Windows OS should work.

  7. What are the minimum server hardware and software requirements to run Pimarc?

    We recommend that the desktop computer running Pimarc software is not used by other office personnel. The reason for this is so that the computer can perform optimally as a storage device for the database and all your other files, such as CAD drawings, scanned images, documents, etc.

    • Server PC: Microsoft Windows 10 Professional or Windoes 2012 Server
    • An Intel 3.4GMhz CPU or greater
    • min 16 GB RAM
    • High performance disk system with sufficient space to store digital files associated to database records
  8. Do I need to purchase another database to run Pimarc?

    No. Pimarc can use the Microsoft SQL Express (a free download).

  9. Is Pimarc easy to customize?

    Pimarc can be customized. Our application specialists are capable of modifying the application. As a rule the current version of Pimarc is not modofied unless the change would work for all our clients.  We can create unique reports for our clients.

  10. Can Pimarc import data from other programs?

    Yes. Our application specialists can assist you in importing your customer records from your accounting system into Pimarc. Importing files from MS Access, Dbase, Excel, and other programs is done quickly and at a greatly reduced cost compared to manual coding, saving you the time and headaches of managing this type of file migration yourself.

  11. How easily does Pimarc integrate with other enterprise solutions?

    Pimarc is easily integrated with other applications that have a database structure. As such integrating with other enterprise applications is very simple. 

    Information from Pimarc's SQL database can pass seamlessly to your accounting system, whether you use Accpac, QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, or Peachtree.

  12. When was Pimarc created?

    Pimarc was launched in 2004 and was instantly embraced by land surveyors looking to improve and streamline their project management practices. Although Pimarc was initially embraced by land surveyors, it is now a popular choice among architects and engineers. As demand for this software continues to grow, Pimarc customers can be found throughout Ontario, in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and even in the U.S.

  13. Who created Pimarc?

    The creator of Pimarc is PRL Info Systems. PRL Info Systems is a team comprised of project management specialists, software developers, data integration and migration experts, a market analysis team, and customer support. Each member of the team is focused on helping our clients elevate their project management activities using Pimarc. PRL Info Systems work with key industry partners to continually enhance the Pimarc product and our customer support system.

  14. What exactly is Pimarc?

    Pimarc is a software application that embodies that philosophy and goals of strategic project management. Pimarc lets you view and monitor each client project along with its associated data and files. 

    Pimarc incorporates document management technology which allows users to attach any type of document or file to a project at any time. This saves considerable administration time, not to mention office space, which would otherwise be absorbed by manually filing, storing and searching paper documents. This resulting increase in productivity generates substantial costs savings for any engineering firm. 

    Pimarc also lets you add geographic coordinates to every project file, which can be attached to a geo-coded land base so that your projects can be displayed on a map background.

If you're ready to learn more about Pimarc and how it benefits engineers, please contact us today for more information!