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Pimarc Project Management Software

Ready for business improvements that will increase your bottom line? Pimarc is an end-to-end project management software that is completely customized to every unique business' need. It integrates with your existing business for ultimate convenience and complete personalization.

Software Overview

If you're ready to reduce your engineering firm's overhead costs and significantly increase your return on investment (ROI), Pimarc is the project management software that you need. It is simple to use and brings all the details and documents that you team needs into one place. With the help of Pimarc, you'll be able to save time, get rid of paper document and give your team managers real-time access to your team's project status and costs. 

Software Features

Monitor Every Engineering Project Your Team Takes On

  • Manage and view each and every document that relates to a project at one glance, inlcuding topographic plans, architectural drawings and more
  • Customizable functions and software interface to suit your unique business needs and typical project processes
  • Quick and easy integration with accounting software like Accpac, QuickBooks & Simply Accounting
  • Ability to view your accounting invoices with one-click
  • Send new client info to your accounting system with ease
  • Link to multiple databases to save your staff time and resources
  • Performance tracking by employee, group and division
  • Complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality
  • Compatible with Windows systems
  • Accommodates entries from your outside consultants for accurate billing and approvals
  • Add new users instantly
  • Intuitive search features
  • Robust reporting engine
  • Web-based for easy deployment and worry-free maintenance and upgrades

Minimum Requirements to Run Pimarc

  • Server PC: Microsoft Windows 10 Professional or Windoes 2012 Server
  • An Intel 3.4GMhz CPU or greater
  • min 16 GB RAM
  • High performance disk system with sufficient space to store digital files associated to database records
  • Client PC: 8 GB RAM. Any Browser Any Windows OS

Do you have more questions about Pimarc and how it can transform the way your team manages their projects? Learn more about our specific services we offer to our engineering clients