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Pimarc Project Management Software

Pimarc offers you end-to-end project management software. Pimarc will be customized to your precise business needs and will integrate.


Reduce overhead costs and realize amazing return on investment (ROI) with Pimarc. Easy-to-use project management software that puts all the details and documents relating to every job at your fingertips. Saves time, eliminates paper documents, and gives management real time access to project status and costs.


Monitor every project

  • Manage and view ALL documents relating to projects quickly, including topographic plans, architectural drawings and more

  • Functions and interface that are customizable to your exact business needs and preferences

  • Integrates quickly and seamlessly with Accpac, QuickBooks and Simply Accounting

  • View your accounting invoices with one-click

  • Send new client info to your accounting system with ease

  • Link to multiple databases

  • Performance tracking by employee, group and division

  • Complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality

  • Compatible with Windows

  • Accommodates entries from your outside consultants for accurate billing and approvals

  • Add new users instantly

  • Intuitive search features

  • Robust reporting engine

  • Web-based for easy deployment and worry-free maintenance and upgrades

Minimum Requirements

  • Server PC: Microsoft Windows 10 Professional or Windoes 2012 Server
  • An Intel 3.4GMhz CPU or greater
  • min 16 GB RAM
  • High performance disk system with sufficient space to store digital files associated to database records
  • Client PC: 8 GB RAM. Any Browser Any Windows OS