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Pimarc SRI

Pimarc Survey Record Index (Pimarc SRI)

Pimarc’s web-hosted  Survey Record Index (SRI) service is completely searchable and gives you the SRI data you need exactly when you need it.

SRI Overview

Pimarc SRI is a secure, web-hosted service that lets you store your field notes, job records and survey plans online, helping you save time and eliminate paper work. Pimarc SRI eliminates the need for administrative staff to fax or copy files for other companies. Whenever you need to look up specific SRI data, you will be able to quickly search the entire site for surveys, plans and notes so that you can purchase what you need and download it to use instantly.


Find SRI data fast with these features

  • Map feature lets you drill down to a specific registry office
  • Fast search capabilities
  • Comprehensive display of all survey records of participating companies
  • Instant request for additional notes or plans from survey company
  • Same familiar interface as Pimarc software for convenience and ease of use
  • *Registered document search pane lets users purchase registered documents without incurring a search fee
  • Automatic updates of survey records from company database to Pimarc SRI

What does Pimarc give you that no other hosted Survey Record Index solution can?

  • GUARANTEED cost recovery within 12 months! We guarantee that you will recoup your costs within 12 months. Other SRI solutions can take up to four years before you recoup your costs.
  • COMPLETE listing of all project records. Download complete SRI records from every survey company. This eliminates the need to send fax requests for missing documents.
  • 100% revenue pass-through to you, every time your records are downloaded by a third party. Other SRI solutions charge credit-card processing fees with each transaction you make. Plus, Pimarc rewards you with a generous revenue sharing program on all search fees.
  • Province-wide searches. Accurate, up to date records from every province in Canada.
  • Data back-up in triplicate. For complete peace of mind, your original survey data records remain on your server, and copies are stored with Pimarc SRI, onsite and offsite.
  • New sales opportunities from public requests. Requests for old surveys are automatically routed to your company, so you can sell the plans or provide additional surveying services to the requesting party.
  • Faster, more cost effective scanning and coding. Automatic coding of your survey plan is done as your projects are created. A significant time saver, compared to other solutions that require manual, one-at-a-time image coding.
  • No Internet connection required to search your own company files. Without having to rely on an Internet connection, your internal searches will never be slowed down or interrupted.
  • Faster, easier records purchasing process. Simply download the records you need, and you are invoiced automatically, eliminating the need to use a company credit card.
  • Plus... take advantage of reduced overhead costs and tremendous return on investment with project management, time and billing and document management features of Pimarc project management software.